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Industry Benefits

ArrowClean is great for a multitude of industries big or small. Just about anyone that is cleaning anything, which should be everybody, can benefit from a system like ArrowClean.

Time is the Most Valuable Thing We Have  

When a facility operator, that supposedly has a 20 minute turn time to clean part of their facility, can take that 20 minute turn time down to 5 minutes using ArrowClean technology, that’s real money. That’s real time savings.

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In healthcare, clean, germ-free surfaces are crucial to patient outcomes. ArrowClean’s patented technology provides healthcare facilities with a hospital-grade disinfectant that kills a wide range of dangerous pathogens 10-30x times faster, reducing infections and turnaround times.
A hospital bed that has been cleaned with a eco-friendly disinfectant.
A senior center that has been cleaned with eco-friendly disinfectants.

Extended Care

Senior residents require a clean, safe environment, with the least possible risk of being exposed to harmful germs that can destroy their delicate immune systems. Both TK60 and FC+ are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and non-irritating to residents with COPD and allergies.

Building Services

Buildings are timely and costly to build, so it would be a shame to let old chemicals age beyond its years. Our one-step disinfectant and all-purpose cleaner replaces sanitizers, window cleaners, floor cleaners, carpet cleaners, deodorizers, and more. Both are hypoallergenic, kill germs ten times faster, and removes the old chemical residue buildup that dulls carpets and surfaces.
Case Studies
Inside of an office building that has been cleaned with eco-friendly disinfectants.
A food counter being cleaned with eco-friendly disinfectants.

Food Service

When customers enter your establishment, they should be met with bright, sanitized surfaces, clean floors, and the aroma of your recipes, not the odors from harsh cleaning chemicals. Not only is ArrowClean fragrance-free and safe for your workers, our solutions sanitize faster, reduce labor steps, cut through tough grease easily and are safe for food contact surfaces without a rinse. Did we mention our solutions help prevent fruit flies and clogged drains too?


It is often said that schools are petri dishes, but have you ever thought about why this is? Most disinfectants being used are harmful to humans and take 10-minutes to work. That means you’d have to spray it on the surface and let it sit for 10-minutes before wiping. Have you ever seen a custodian let a product sit on a surface for 10-minutes? Neither have we. That’s why we provide a hypoallergenic disinfectant that kills harmful germs in less than 1-minute, helping to ensure students stay healthy and safe throughout the school year.
A classroom that has been cleaned with eco-friendly disinfectants.
A treadmill that has been cleaned with eco-friendly disinfectants.


In locker rooms, stadiums, and gyms, using a hypoallergenic disinfectant that kills tough pathogens, including, COVID-19 and MRSA, quickly without causing harm to humans is essential. TK60 and FC+ help ensure that players, families, and fans can enjoy active healthy lives in a visibly clean environment. ArrowClean is a big score for health and safety in an environment where contact is inevitable.


There’s a new trend in hospitality. Guests are requesting wellness rooms and they’re willing to pay more for them. Part of this trend is cleaning and disinfecting rooms with hypoallergenic, sustainable products. Not only will your guests breathe easier with ArrowClean’s fragrance-free products, they’ll appreciate your trusted brand is using a hospital-grade disinfectant that ensures their room is germ-free and an all-purpose green cleaner that keeps their home away from home looking fresh and new stay after stay.
A hotel room that has been cleaned with an eco-friendly disinfectant.
An airport that has been cleaned with eco-friendly disinfectants.


We’ve all been there, sitting on a plane and the person next to us is coughing and sneezing. Whether it’s a train, plane, or cruise ship, it’s imperative that all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected as quickly and effectively as possible. When schedules are set and time is of the essence, it’s not feasible to use products that take 10-minutes to work. ArrowClean’s disinfectant kills tough pathogens, including MRSA, COVID-19, and TB in just 1 minute, and our all-purpose cleaner will power through tough stains, dirt, grease, and grime.


Government facilities, like correctional facilities, police departments, animal services, and court houses that people visit every day benefit from producing their own disinfecting and cleaning solutions on-site. In addition to providing workers lightning fast protection against harmful pathogens, Arrowclean can also save taxpayers money. Since the ArrowClean device can produce 450 gal. of TK60 and FC+ daily, there’s no more purchasing of chemical products and no plastic bottle waste.
A government building that uses eco-friendly disinfectants.
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