Our Commitment

Our pledge to support sustainability is deeply rooted in our culture.  We are guided by a clear mission to earn trust and create demand for more sustainable disinfecting and cleaning products while in constant pursuit of improving human and environmental health.

eliminating checmical usage

TK60 and FC+ are water-based and harmless to humans, thus eliminating rampant health issues such as cancer, asthma, and allergies caused by dangerous chemical exposure. Both solutions replace hundreds of thousands of archaic, unhealthy chemicals and eliminate 90% or more of current chemical purchases.

recycling and
climate protection

TK60 and FC+ are produced on-site eliminating procurement, shipping costs, and the problem of plastic pollution as containers are reused and recycled. At 50% utilization, a reduction of approximately 5 million pounds of CO2 over 5 years based on quart plastic bottles alone.

Healthy, Sustainable
and cost-effective
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reducing infections and preventing disease

Sustainable health isn't just about the environment, it's about preventing disease. CDC recommends choosing a disinfectant with a shortened contact time. TK60 is effective against COVID-19 in just 20 seconds and a wide range of pathogens in just one minute, a kill time 10-30x faster than other disinfectants.

protecting investments and lowering costs

Because TK60 and FC+ have phenomenal surface compatibility, are non-corrosive and remove old chemical build-up, your valuable FF&E investments are protected from overuse of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, FC+ improves the coefficient of friction on floors thus providing better traction from slips and further protecting your investments. Training processes are simplified, labor costs reduced and 90% or more of your current chemical purchases are eliminated.

human and environmental health

TK60 and FC+ are produced using only softened water, pure salt and electricity making them SAFER and healthier to humans, animals, and the environment. Additionally, both are FREE of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in most disinfecting cleaning products manufactured today. TK60 is 99.98% H2O and 0.02% HOCI. FC+ is 99.925% H2O and 0.75% NaOH. Neither solution contains properties that are harmful to humans, animals, or the environment.

The Power To Change The World
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