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ArrowClean is dedicated to improving human and environmental health by providing facilities a technology that enables them to change the world.

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A Message From Our CEO

Rayne Wilson in a disinfected suit smiling for the camera.

Our enduring promise began over 10 years ago when I witnessed what we all fear, a global, multi-billion dollar company shelved a technology that was positively impacting people’s lives and the environment, to protect their profits. It spurred me to find a new way to produce the technology. Persistence, coupled with a talented team paid off with an even better one.

Today, our commitment to a sustainable future goes to the core of our vision – a future in which harsh chemicals would be obsolete, replaced by sustainable, SAFE, healthy alternatives. We continue to keep our relentless focus on that ambition, dedicating 100% percent of our research and development to reducing the environmental impact on human health and the world in which we all live.

ArrowClean is guided and aligned by our purpose; to create safer alternatives to harsh disinfecting and cleaning products that improve human health and enables a more sustainable future. This is the driving force behind everything we do. It’s why we developed a technology that not only solves sustainability challenges, but is 10-30x faster at killing dangerous pathogens and reducing infections. It’s why we developed an on-site device, ready-to-use to help solve supply chain issues and reduce our carbon footprint. It’s why we actively support our employees and seek a shared dynamic for growth with all our investors. ArrowClean’s employees are highly engaged and truly live our purpose, uniting us as one and leading us to achieve great things together.

As I look back on the past year’s progress, there are many things to be proud of, and I am excited about the opportunities we have to continue to advance in our sustainability journey.

I am immensely proud of the dedication and passion of our people to fulfill our purpose each and everyday. I would also like to thank our various investors for their engagement and contributions to helping our sustainability vision become a reality. We continue to learn and improve, and this engagement is critical to our success as we work purposefully to deliver safer and healthier disinfecting and cleaning products for a more sustainable future.  


Rayne Guest

Founder & CEO, ArrowCleanTM

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