Case Study: City of Al Biernat's
ArrowClean City of Austin Development Services Department

Al Biernat’s Transcends COVID-19 Safety & State Sanitation Guidelines

Al Biernat’s, an iconic Dallas steakhouse established in 1998, has completed an upgrade of their cleaning products with the recent installation of Texas-based ArrowClean’s advanced disinfection technology. The dining destination has always had a special connection with its customers, and amid the pandemic, has looked to industries such as healthcare to best protect their patrons.

The rules for Texas restaurants are constantly changing. Earlier this summer, Texas Governor Greg Abbott rolled back the already restrictive restaurant reopening plans following a spike in cases of COVID-19. To maintain employment and continue to serve patrons, Al Biernat’s introduced new offerings such as to-go and delivery services, and launched a “meat market” where customers could order food to prepare at home.

To safely welcome dining guests back, the restaurant installed an air purification system derived from NASA technology. Not long after, they implemented ArrowClean’s advanced disinfecting technology which enables them to produce TK60 on-site. This healthcare-grade disinfectant is hypoallergenic and safe for food-contact surfaces. TK60 far exceeds the EPA’s efficacy requirements for both healthcare-grade and N-List disinfectants, as well as the national guidelines for restaurant sanitation.

“These unprecedented times have only deepened our connection to our guests and community members. We’re doing our research and championing best in class technologies to protect those that dine, laugh, and enjoy their time with us,” said Brad Fuller, the Director of Operations at Al Biernat’s.

ArrowClean’s device is attached directly to the restaurant’s water supply, eliminating dependence on unreliable chemical supply chains. While disinfectants commonly used in restaurants include toxic ingredients and require a contact time of 10 minutes to work, TK60 kills pathogens in just one minute and is safe for humans, food-contact surfaces, and the environment.

“A 10-minute contact time isn’t feasible in quick-turnover businesses like restaurants. Have you ever seen someone spray a table and let it sit wet for 10 minutes before they seat you? Restaurants simply don’t have time for this,” said Rayne Guest, founder and CEO of ArrowClean.  

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