Case Study: Paris Regional Medical Center
ArrowClean Paris Regional Medical Center

ArrowClean’s 20-Second Disinfectant TK60 Successfully Implemented in Texas Trauma Service Areas

Amid the pandemic, Piney Woods Regional Advisory Council Trauma Service Area G (RAC-G) began implementing ArrowClean’s patented devices in hospitals. Their primary goals were to ensure an ample supply of disinfectants, prevent harmful chemical exposures, and streamline cleaning procedures.

Each ArrowClean device can produce 300 gallons of TK60 one-step healthcare-grade disinfectant and 150 gallons of a multi-surface cleaner, FC+, on-site daily. Both TK60 and FC+ are hypoallergenic and eliminate the need for multiple disinfectants, sanitizers, deodorizers, degreasers, and surface-specific cleaners. The savings in terms of time, coordination, and financial, are significant. 

Brandon Moore, Healthcare Coalition Coordinator for Trauma Service Area F said, “ArrowClean’s device makes it so hospitals can manufacture their own disinfectant and cleaner on-site. We really like the ease-of-access with ArrowClean’s TK60 and FC+. We’re able to use this to clean everything; concrete, ceilings, bed rails.”

Third-party testing conducted by EPA audited Microchem Laboratory confirms that TK60 eliminates 99.99% of COVID-19 in just 20 seconds. This far surpasses the EPA requirement of disinfectants to eliminate 99.9% of COVID-19 in 10 minutes. TK60 also eliminates 100% of much harder to kill pathogens such as MRSA in one minute. TK60’s active ingredient is the same compound naturally produced by white blood cells to fight infections. 

TK60’s results are particularly meaningful when considering patient room turn times in overburdened hospitals. A previous case study revealed that when TK60 was evaluated against Virex 256, a commonly used 10-minute contact time disinfectant, room turn time was decreased by an average of 49 minutes. 

“We instituted a quality control team to compare ArrowClean to our previous disinfecting products and, so far, we have seen that ArrowClean’s TK60 and FC+ have better efficacy than any other products. The short kill time allows us to off load the bottleneck of the ER,” said Jynnell Elder, Trauma Program Manager at Paris Regional Medical Center, a member of RAC-G.

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