Case Study: Texas State University
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Zero bacterial infections since implementing ArrowClean at TSU  

The top priority of Texas State University is to ensure the health and safety of their students, staff, and visitors. The university’s main campus - located in San Marcos, TX - is an integral part of the growing community. The university is neighbored by Aquarena Springs, where 1,000 springs form the headwaters of the San Marcos River. The area whose growing population of 58,000 enjoys a pristine natural setting in the Texas Hill Country, has given the university a great sense of environmental stewardship.

After spending years using outsourced janitorial services, the administrators at Texas State decided to bring the task of upholding their cleanliness standards in-house. In 2015, the primary focus of the custodial team shifted to implementing green cleaning systems that reflect their commitment to health, safety, and protecting the environment.

Unique Challenges As the facility transitioned from janitorial contractors using a multitude of chemical cleaners, to an in-house team using ArrowClean (formerly R-Water) technology, a unique opportunity was created to gain invaluable insight, and develop more comprehensive strategies for facilities of all types.

Key Results

University Recreation Facilities Using ArrowClean
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