Case Study: Christus Trinity Mother Francis
ArrowClean Christus Health

Christus Hospital Upgrades Cleaning Protocols Effective Against Coronavirus

It all started out, like most changes do, with a problem that needed to be solved. The team at Christus Trinity Mother Frances Health System in Tyler, Texas was tired of the residues left behind by the bleach wipes they were using for disinfection and they were on a mission to find a solution.

At the time, the hospital’s contracted EVS company was using Virex 256 for general disinfection. They also used Clorox Bleach Germicidal in instances where C-diff was a concern. They were introduced to ArrowClean, a San Marcos, Texas-based company that claimed to offer a residue-free disinfectant with a one-minute contact time.

Initially, the team was skeptical, thinking ArrowClean’s disinfecting and cleaning technology was too good to be true. However, after a product demonstration, everyone was impressed, and in late 2018 ArrowClean’s technology was implemented.

After initial success in the hospital’s operating rooms, Christus leadership was curious to explore the impact using a one-minute contact time disinfectant would have on patient room turn times. They worked with their EVS Team Members and ArrowClean to conduct a controlled evaluation, comparing the previous cleaning and disinfecting processes to the new standard. The results were clear and astounding.


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