Case Study: Franklin Park Retirement Communities
ArrowClean Franklin Park

Maintaining Clean and Safe Environments for Residents

As the Executive Director of a senior community housing over 250 people and over 90 staff members, cleanliness and proper disinfection is paramount to our operations. With just one flu bug outbreak, we can be fighting the flu for several weeks. It is not only disruptive to our residents; it can wreak havoc on scheduling when so many staff members are sick. That dilemma no longer exists after the implementation of ArrowClean’s (formerly R-Water) technology. Our residents’ lives depend on us to clean and disinfect properly, so we make this quality choice to produce the non-toxic solutions right in our own community.

Prior to installation we conducted extensive due diligence, which included participating in a demonstration where a representative from ArrowClean brought the cleaning and disinfecting solutions to our facility and worked with housekeeping team to determine whether the solutions were viable replacements for the chemical products we had been using previously.

Demonstration Notes  

General Feedback

FC+ All-Purpose Cleaner

Data & Analysis

Since implementing ArrowClean’s cleaning and disinfecting solutions, we have noticed a significant drop in the number of flu cases and other respiratory ailments. That is because it takes only 60 seconds for the surface to be totally disinfected and the products don’t contain fragrances. This change has not only been beneficial to our residents, our staff has also seen a reduction in the number of call-offs due to illness. Additionally, our staff has said that they breathe easier and no longer suffer from the allergy issues caused by the chemical additives in the cleaning products used before.

Leadership & Staff ExperienceArrowClean has made a huge difference in the lives of the staff and the residents. It has been 2 years since we had any flu cases in Independent Living. And for the last 2 years we have only had 4 cases of the flu in Assisted Living. Plus, the staff call-offs and sick days due to the flu have dropped 65% since we started using ArrowClean.”  - Tammy Rowe, Regional Director of Health Services

Housekeepers have noticed a significant decrease in loose stools and diarrhea since implementing ArrowClean.” - Housekeeping Staff & Management

 “When I first started using ArrowClean cleaning solutions, I was skeptical that this product could do what it claims to do. After all, it doesn’t smell like a chemical cleaned surface and it looks like plain water. But after several months of using the product, I can tell you that this is the most extraordinary cleaning solution I have ever used in my 20+ years of housekeeping.” - Susanne Hutchinson, Housekeeping Supervisor  

Summary of Benefits
To summarize, we have experienced first-hand the following benefits of using ArrowClean solutions:

At Franklin Park, we are providing and living a cleaner life than ever before. With ArrowClean, we are using cutting-edge cleaning solutions we can trust.

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