Case Study: Faith Lutheran School
ArrowClean Faith Lutheran Academy

Proves Schools Can Be Reopened Safely, ArrowClean a Key Tool in Protecting Students & Faculty

Like everyone else during the pandemic, Faith Lutheran Academy was forced to shutdown. Diana Bartholomew runs the school and said the decision was hard. For students, distant learning was even harder, with many of the kids feeling isolated, depressed, many of them falling behind. We saw the social and emotional implications of not being at school, says Diana.  

So as a private school, they decided to come back on the first day of a new school year with a host of changes.  More sanitizer, training for teachers, PPE, teachers switching classes instead of students, and reconfiguring some parts of campus.  

Another big help, a new machine, called ArrowClean, revolutionizing their sanitation in classes. The device produces 300 gallons of TK60 disinfectant and 150 gallons of FC+ all-purpose cleaner everyday on-site, no rush to buy sanitizer at the stores. And since the device works and dries quickly, we haven’t seen any delay in daily classes.

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