Case Study: Audi Dallas
ArrowClean Audi Case Study

Audi Dallas Successfully Fending Off COVID With Innovative Disinfection Protocols

With hundreds of customers and cars coming into the 80,000 square foot facility each day, safe and efficient disinfecting is an integral component to the Audi Dallas’ COVID response. The management team selected ArrowCleanTM after learning of the successes achieved at neighboring restaurant, Al Biernat’s steakhouse. 

Since implementing ArrowClean’s system, Audi has experienced favorable outcomes as well.“In spite of our cleaning protocols early on, we had a lot of people out sick, but since switching to ArrowClean, we’ve had zero out — it’s an unlikely coincidence. The system also saves us a ton of money compared to what we were spending on disinfectant alone, so it’s a win-win,” said Tom McCollum, President and CEO of Audi Dallas. 

ArrowClean’s patented device is installed within the facility and produces an ample supply of TK60, a healthcare-grade disinfectant that’s proven to be effective against COVID in under 20 seconds, 30 times faster than most products in the market, as well as a multi-surface cleaner and degreaser FC+. Both solutions are over 99% water, free of toxins, color, and added fragrance, so they safe to use on the interiors of the Audi vehicles as well, which helps to keep customers and service techs safe. Every set of keys, steering wheel – bumper-to-bumper, every car is wiped down with TK60. 

“We’re committed to staying clean – COVID or not, we’re going to keep up our disinfection practices to help prevent other infectious diseases, ”Mr. McCollum added. “ArrowClean’s device creates so much supply that our staff is able to take the surplus home for their own personal use as well.”

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